Monday, April 04, 2005

abp 2004

yesterday's result was satisfied enough i guess.. ct grabs back the title.. bintang paling popular!! congratez to her fans.. they voted for her.. but, she really deserves the trophy.. she won the title for five years in a row, rosyam and saiful apek defeated her in next 2 years. and hey.. she got back the title.. what made me smile more actually is.. again she got the penyanyi wanita popular eight times in a row.. what an achievement.. jac also won last night for artis baru wanita popular.. but, she lost to vince for artis bukan melayu popular.. does this kind of category is really needed? i dont think so.. jac performed gemilang together with hazami.. she outsang hazami, a vocal teacher.. she was da bomb last night! spectacular!! again, i was amazed by her high-key-level note.. simply magical!


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