Monday, April 04, 2005

siti performed at royal albert hall, london..

i bet it was success.. media reported that she amazed and wooed the crowd that night. (1 april).. i really proud having her in our country.. she promotes our culture to the west.. really nice.. here is some pics taken from another websites.. also an article written about how succesful the concert was..

i like this photo.. how beautiful she is..

Siti Nurhaliza takes Royal Albert Hall by storm
Zaharah Othman in London

LONDON, Apr 2:

MALAYSIAN singing sensation Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin took the Royal Albert Hall by storm on Friday night after a two-hour performance, earning her an invitation back to perform at the prestigious venue by its Chief Executive Officer, David Elliott.
She is also to represent Malaysia at a UN event.

Ten years to the day when the girl from Kuala Lipis broke into the Malaysian world of music and 134 years and two days after the completion of the Hall, Siti Nurhaliza realised her dreams, joining an illustrious list of world renowned vocalists who had performed there, bringing with her traditional Malay music and dance.

"It was a strong performance and this hall has known many renowned and famous singers and tonight there is one more. I hope she will come back and perform here," said Elliott.

A jubilant and radiant Siti Nurhaliza, who sang 30 songs from all her albums as well as one English song, Get Here, accompanied by her multinational musicians as well as the London Symphony Orchestra, said at a Press conference after the show that she was delighted with the response that she received from the crowd as well as the recognition by the Royal Albert.

"I have given my best and my dream has been realised and after 10 years I have now reached the international stage here."

The audience just can't get enough of Siti Nurhaliza

To questions about being compared to singer Celine Dion by the British media, Siti Nurhaliza said that the singer is indeed her idol and would like to sing with her some day.

"But tonight, I am a different Siti. I know it's not easy to maintain the standards but I am confident that I can. I was comfortable with the stage performance although at first I felt a bit nervous.

"But after the thunderous reception from the crowd, I really enjoyed myself."

Siti Nurhaliza looking resplendent

In the audience was the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah, and his wife, Sultanah Kalthom, as well as the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Rosmah Mansor.

Fans came from all over the UK, many by coaches and train from as far as Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester as well as Holland.

On arrival, Sultan Ahmad said: "She is my superstar. She looks after herself well. Malaysia should be proud of her."

Rosmah, who said she was representing her husband, voiced her support for the singer who hailed from Pahang.

Also there to lend their support were Siti's parents, Taruddin Ismail and Siti Salmah Bachik, as well as her younger sister, Siti Saerah.

Several times, she referred to her parents in the audience and dedicated the song Cindai to them.

Dave Sildown and Malc Noyes drove down from Norfolk when they heard of her performance.

"We heard her during our visits to Malaysia. We have her CDs and when we heard that she is to perform at the Royal Albert, we decided to come here. She has an amazing voice and a wonderful personality," said Sildown.

Earlier, Fazley Yaakob, vice- president of Putra World Trade Centre, which helped organise the concert with Royal Albert, said that the success of the concert was just a start for the company.

He said, there was encouraging feedback from recording companies and the British media.

Siti Nurhaliza is due to give more interviews with the BBC before flying home tomorrow.

abp 2004

yesterday's result was satisfied enough i guess.. ct grabs back the title.. bintang paling popular!! congratez to her fans.. they voted for her.. but, she really deserves the trophy.. she won the title for five years in a row, rosyam and saiful apek defeated her in next 2 years. and hey.. she got back the title.. what made me smile more actually is.. again she got the penyanyi wanita popular eight times in a row.. what an achievement.. jac also won last night for artis baru wanita popular.. but, she lost to vince for artis bukan melayu popular.. does this kind of category is really needed? i dont think so.. jac performed gemilang together with hazami.. she outsang hazami, a vocal teacher.. she was da bomb last night! spectacular!! again, i was amazed by her high-key-level note.. simply magical!