Friday, March 11, 2005

Dean's Cup

last month, we organized a bating championship.. Dean's Cup Debating Championship.. i ws the committee and the participant as well.. hmm.. it was tiring and exhausting.. but, not really ar.. joyful and.. nice?! as the pc committee, i think the competition flew smoothly though i did not really get involved with the pc committees.. i tried to help pub&pro committees by doing the adobe and pasting jobs. but there was misunderstood. somebody thought i was trying to take his/her job.. very sad u know! but, it seemed to be so.. i dont know! let them with their assumption.. well, i would like to thank zaki, haneen for helping me a bit.. i bet we did a great job! the hall was really crowded with students though the final debate was not very good actually.. sorry to say guys!

my teammates are farhaneen, azrul, and farhanah.. good try for azrul to be a good speaker.. you need more training to be uplifted. farhaneen.. i dont know.. you didnt seem to be yourself.. you didnt put all out.. farhanah, good attempt to be a good reserver. at least you learned something.. debate is an art with its own uniqueness.. me myself? lack of knowledge, dont feel good and overconfident. it could kill you! just be humble and professional.. we lost at the semifinal to ricca's team.. i really wanted to be on the final stage.. but we couldnt make it.. we dont have much power and strong chemistry among us. i felt uncomfortable being in the group.. egonyer pasal.. perasan diri baguslah tu kiranya!! arrrgghh!!!

to iera, faruqi and medec! im sorry for trouble ive made.. on behalf of kdbm also! but, open-minded please! let bygone be bygone.. dont drag them to our relationship outside the tournament.. we are debaters!


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