Saturday, February 05, 2005

sana'y wala nang wakas.. it's over!!

finally, my favourite phillipines soap opera, sana'y wala nang wakas has camte to an end.. it's been a long time.. the ending was ara and christian, who got married.. the problem is, the end didnt end up perfectly like what i had expected... arrrgghh!!! everything was like jumble up and in rushing of something!! idont know why.. plus, i bet astro had cut several scenes... something was not answered.. who is ara's real father? why francine was at the wedding ceremony in fact she really loves christian? how dvv died? because of what? arrggghhh!!! i watched ara-leo ending from a forum site.. it is better.. the wedding ceremony is more grand than christian's.. ara looks more beautiful.. it is more romantic and passionate!! but i thought christian would end up with mary ann.. but he didnt.. ara just said good bye to christian... i love to see these scenes...


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