Monday, January 31, 2005

dengue fever!!!

it was my bad moment.. i got very high-temperature fever.. 39.8C???? very damn hot!!! i was charged into a ward for a week!!!! it was really bored staying there... my blood count kept getting down and down.. i was quite worried.. luckily, i was getting better.. i was discharged on last sunday.. very happy, though! but, staying there for a week, like hell! and now, my dad and elder sis is there!!! they got high fever too.. i dont know how much they will spend as mine was rm5000++... gilo apo!!! be4 that, my younger sister... hoping it will be over soon!! actually, i realised this on last raya morning.. i didnt take my shower on that time and not even getting in my baju melayu, and didnt go to mosque, though! and now, i got mc from the doctor until this wednesday.. im going to have an appoinment with the doctor, to make sure that my blood count is still ok...


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