Sunday, December 05, 2004

raya idol?? hahaha..

it is the most tiring day of the month.. went to bukit beruntong, helping my mum doing catering.. woke up very early. oh yeah.. azhar and zaidi came to kl yesterday.. fetched them up 5.00 am at puduraya with ya.. we had waited for a long time there.. the day after, hung out with them at sungei wang, times square.. back to the catering thingy.. there was a singing competition.. raya idol.. my sis urged me to participate.. she entered too. in my red t-shirt and jeans, i sang air mata syawal and ya sang sesuci lebaran.. the contestants had to sing raya song. they all wore raya attire except ya and me.. kelakar la gak.. there were three not-really-good-in-singing judges.. imuda, abun, and one big mamak guy.. i think they should be the judges for the lawak audition.. but, they commented well. they gave me bunch of compliments.. *laugh*... they asked me to pursue in singing if i interested to.. luckily, i got first!!!! ya got third place..


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