Saturday, December 18, 2004

majlis ceria urtv-mangga

very tired right now.. baru balik from majlis ceria urtv-mangga at kl tower. me and other flexus members were having our first performance in kl.. i think it was quite good.. we have to learn a lot more though.. the crowd was happening and pretty got into our song and our performance. everybody was happy, hope so! i was kinda uncomfortable at first.. but it was getting in slowly.. 2morrow we are going to studio to record our third song. i wrote the lyrics.. kinda really fast song.. ok, chiao!!


At 10:38 AM, Blogger FNTGR said...

rasenye ade mamat sorang tuh lpe nak kasik tau sume yang dienye band dah buat show ler... sape ekk abg tau tak sape mamat tuh??
band die name flexus.... lelagu dey all pon layan gak.. :P
eehmm kalo jumpe mamat tuh kasik tau k.. :P

p/s: congratz and good lucks << siap ade s.. plural tuh


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