Sunday, November 07, 2004

shopping raya..

hari raya just around the corner.. woke up early this morning (not early sangat la.. kol 10.. heheh) went to sogo first.. then pertama compex and wisma mara.. my baju melayu is green in colour, linen type of cloth.. very fairy green.. costs 250 bucks.. went home at about 4.00 pm, feeling very tired and slept till 6.30.. hehehe..

finally, what i've been searching for before finally found!! jac-gemilang-grand finale video.. i found it from a webbie.. it as a group site i think.. i had to register first before downloading.. she (jac) just blew me away! her performance for the gemilang song was incredible, amazing, outstanding, two big thumbs up, what more can i say, she had won the title.. and she really desrves it.. how could she pull the high note excellently?? control the energy to blast the hall? maybe cat ruffedge was rright.. she is not a human.. she is a mutant.. hahaa....


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