Monday, November 08, 2004

shopping raya pt. 2

remember yesterday i still online at 2.00 am? i didnt sleep at all until sahur time.. i slept after sahur and woke up at about 11 am.. feeling very tired and dizzyy.. went to masjid india by lrt (afraid of no parking spaces).. bought a pair of baju melayu again.. green colour also.. costs 175 bucks.. love the colour.. the butang (75 bucks) and samping (75 bucks also..) saw anwar ibrahim there.. he was.. i dunno what he was doing there.. maybe just took a ride to meet his fans.. mayb.. everybody there was excited knowing he was around.. he looked in good health..

having buka puasa at seri angkasa, kl tower.. the revolving restaurant.. really adore the romantic atmosphere with spectacular sight of view up there.. it revolves slowly and slowly.. maybe it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to have a complete revolving.. know what.. the food does not taste really good.. i think de palma is better.. but.. oklah..

there was a chinese down there, doing sketch potraits.. 80 bucks per potrait and 70 for framing it.. deqda (my younger sis) wanted her face to be sketched.. and here it is..

boleh la tahan.. i like the way he sketches the eyes..

met bro teddy at sinar mesra.. meeting about flexus management.. either want to release single.. or just play in air without releasing album yet. he asked me about the lyrics for the new song.. hehehe.. tak siap lagi.. no idea.. the melody just too fast and i have to use contemporary words in order not to have a kinda bad lyrics.. so, it is not coming out yet.. help me!!!


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