Wednesday, November 10, 2004

meet up with my old best friend..

i met nona at klcc.. my best friend.. actually she was my debate teammate.. she studies in kedah and going back for hari raya holiday.. we just hanging around, watching movie (the grudge, not bad..) shopping lil bit clothes, went to sungei wang, and buka puasa at secret recipe..masrina joined us there too... act, i have promised her (mas) to give her a treat one day.. hmm.. wutelse?? i spent a lot of money today.. my n-gage did it again.. gosh!! i dunno what happened to the software installed.. old one or what.. 50 bucks just flown away bcuz of that!! oh yeah.. i just discovered that faiz's mobile phone had gone!! hahaha.. pitty him.. no wonder i called him several times be4 but it could not reach at all..


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