Monday, November 22, 2004

the incredibles *a never-seen-before movie*

i met my old friend.. he was a debater.. english debater, sdarian.. his name is m hudzaifah shubli yassin.. call him balloo!! he is a nice guy and friend as well.. nice hanging out with him.. deqda joined us too.. we just hanging around, had something for lunch @ PICNIC.. erm.. wutelse.. bowling at ampang point.. ranked first in hatrick.. hahah!! then, my sis picked me up and went raya to kak linda's house, uncle hashim.. lastly to an open house.. my sis's friend's house..

im just wondering.. can i really be a celebrity. i have to help them for flexus.. arrgghh!! tension gak fikir benda nih.. frankly, im not prepared to be a celebrity for this time being.. i wish i can join malaysian idol first, then join the group.. but, i dont know!!!! how about my studies.. debate, friends.. can they accept me????? arrgghh!!! help me.. i dont want to be laughed..........

i watched the incredibles the night before.. at first, the screen was interrupting my mood.. dia nyer lebar cam panjang semacam.. pastu cam narrow.. hurting my eyes.. my eyes were like spinning around.. arrrgghh!!! tension gak.. about 30 minutes after, it turned as normal.. *sigh*.. my gosh!! it is really incredible movie.. enjoyable, full of fun and action, superb, i could not stop jumping on my seat, enjoying the movie.. i give 4.8 stars.. almost perfect!!! ive never seen such that animation movie.. i bet you will not wasting your time and money watching that movie..


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