Tuesday, November 02, 2004

got my n-gage back!!

hehehe.. i have fixed the n-gage which was broken last week.. had to spend rm120!! they reprogramme the software within because it was collapsed.. i dunno bcuz of what? mayb... virus, or untrusted softwares that i installed.. so, i have to reinstall and put all the utilities, images, true tones, videos, back.. this time, more carefully.. dont want to spend 120 bucks again..

i missed my sahur today.. hehehe.. but it is no big deal act.. im ok.. it is always wet here, raining every single day.. it is better rather than hot every day.. i can't stand that especially in this ramadhan month.. arrgghh.. im gonna fade off!!

know what, i havent seen any shop selling hari raya cards.. it's kinda freaky huh?! so, sorry friends.. i think no cards for this raya.. hehe.. ala.. korang pun tak bagi kat aku pun..


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