Thursday, November 25, 2004

going out for holiday!!

today, we are going to bukit merah laketown resort.. for holiday, of course.. it's been for a long time we didnt hang out out of kl.. the last time was in terengganu.. that was exciting.. well, i dont know when we will leave.. i hope it will be a nice trip since we have troubles here at home.. aarrgghh!! i think we will come back on sunday night.. on monday morning i have to go back to my campus.. sob.. sob.. there will be no sana'y wala nang wakas anymore.. arrghhh!! more tension.. everything will be back.. classes, exams.. bla22.. oh yeah.. the result will be out.. the final first semester exam... i hope it wont be too bad..

Monday, November 22, 2004

the incredibles *a never-seen-before movie*

i met my old friend.. he was a debater.. english debater, sdarian.. his name is m hudzaifah shubli yassin.. call him balloo!! he is a nice guy and friend as well.. nice hanging out with him.. deqda joined us too.. we just hanging around, had something for lunch @ PICNIC.. erm.. wutelse.. bowling at ampang point.. ranked first in hatrick.. hahah!! then, my sis picked me up and went raya to kak linda's house, uncle hashim.. lastly to an open house.. my sis's friend's house..

im just wondering.. can i really be a celebrity. i have to help them for flexus.. arrgghh!! tension gak fikir benda nih.. frankly, im not prepared to be a celebrity for this time being.. i wish i can join malaysian idol first, then join the group.. but, i dont know!!!! how about my studies.. debate, friends.. can they accept me????? arrgghh!!! help me.. i dont want to be laughed..........

i watched the incredibles the night before.. at first, the screen was interrupting my mood.. dia nyer lebar cam panjang semacam.. pastu cam narrow.. hurting my eyes.. my eyes were like spinning around.. arrrgghh!!! tension gak.. about 30 minutes after, it turned as normal.. *sigh*.. my gosh!! it is really incredible movie.. enjoyable, full of fun and action, superb, i could not stop jumping on my seat, enjoying the movie.. i give 4.8 stars.. almost perfect!!! ive never seen such that animation movie.. i bet you will not wasting your time and money watching that movie..

Thursday, November 18, 2004

thanks zamil..

feeling excited now.. hehe.. just received reply email from zamil (MI finalist).. it is nothing actually, but i dont know why.. he answered every single question that i asked him.. thanks a lot zamil, if you read this..

well, it has been a loong time didnt post here.. hehe.. hari raya just over, actually it is still in raya. well, my raya was not much happening compared to last years.. maybe because of my sister had already married, and she rayad in penang (is there any such word, 'rayad'?) i got banyak duit raya, though dah besar.. pictures down there, it was at abg fazri's house be4 he went to kelantan on the next day, his kampung.. so, he wished to have like raya pictures with us...

im just enjoying the philippines teleserye, sana'y wala nang wakas.. its getting enjoyable and very dramatic.. the storyline is very good and impressive... every episode makes us really wanting to not miss it..

jericho rosales & kristine hermosa
christian & ara

jericho rosales

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

meet up with my old best friend..

i met nona at klcc.. my best friend.. actually she was my debate teammate.. she studies in kedah and going back for hari raya holiday.. we just hanging around, watching movie (the grudge, not bad..) shopping lil bit clothes, went to sungei wang, and buka puasa at secret recipe..masrina joined us there too... act, i have promised her (mas) to give her a treat one day.. hmm.. wutelse?? i spent a lot of money today.. my n-gage did it again.. gosh!! i dunno what happened to the software installed.. old one or what.. 50 bucks just flown away bcuz of that!! oh yeah.. i just discovered that faiz's mobile phone had gone!! hahaha.. pitty him.. no wonder i called him several times be4 but it could not reach at all..

Monday, November 08, 2004

shopping raya pt. 2

remember yesterday i still online at 2.00 am? i didnt sleep at all until sahur time.. i slept after sahur and woke up at about 11 am.. feeling very tired and dizzyy.. went to masjid india by lrt (afraid of no parking spaces).. bought a pair of baju melayu again.. green colour also.. costs 175 bucks.. love the colour.. the butang (75 bucks) and samping (75 bucks also..) saw anwar ibrahim there.. he was.. i dunno what he was doing there.. maybe just took a ride to meet his fans.. mayb.. everybody there was excited knowing he was around.. he looked in good health..

having buka puasa at seri angkasa, kl tower.. the revolving restaurant.. really adore the romantic atmosphere with spectacular sight of view up there.. it revolves slowly and slowly.. maybe it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to have a complete revolving.. know what.. the food does not taste really good.. i think de palma is better.. but.. oklah..

there was a chinese down there, doing sketch potraits.. 80 bucks per potrait and 70 for framing it.. deqda (my younger sis) wanted her face to be sketched.. and here it is..

boleh la tahan.. i like the way he sketches the eyes..

met bro teddy at sinar mesra.. meeting about flexus management.. either want to release single.. or just play in air without releasing album yet. he asked me about the lyrics for the new song.. hehehe.. tak siap lagi.. no idea.. the melody just too fast and i have to use contemporary words in order not to have a kinda bad lyrics.. so, it is not coming out yet.. help me!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

shopping raya..

hari raya just around the corner.. woke up early this morning (not early sangat la.. kol 10.. heheh) went to sogo first.. then pertama compex and wisma mara.. my baju melayu is green in colour, linen type of cloth.. very fairy green.. costs 250 bucks.. went home at about 4.00 pm, feeling very tired and slept till 6.30.. hehehe..

finally, what i've been searching for before finally found!! jac-gemilang-grand finale video.. i found it from a webbie.. it as a group site i think.. i had to register first before downloading.. she (jac) just blew me away! her performance for the gemilang song was incredible, amazing, outstanding, two big thumbs up, what more can i say, she had won the title.. and she really desrves it.. how could she pull the high note excellently?? control the energy to blast the hall? maybe cat ruffedge was rright.. she is not a human.. she is a mutant.. hahaa....

Saturday, November 06, 2004

malaysian idol!!

it's already 2:21 am but my eyes keep saying not to close yet.. hehehe.. know what, i found one of malaysian idol finalists blogger.. he is ZAMIL IDRIS... zaki's idol.. hehehe.. u can view his blogger here.. right.. i sent him e-mail, just to ask the procedure when you are mi finalist.. cuz i just wonder if i could try at the mi stage.. really want to.. though not one of 12 finalists, it is ok to be top 30.. ask him bout the contart if available for the finalists.. really hpe that he can reply the mail..

one more thing about mi.. i read an article, talking about jaclyn victor, our very first malaysian idol.. it is from he/she really adores jaclyn victor and bet that she can be a great competitor on the world idol stage soon.. reading this... i feel very proud of her and really wanna be like her.. she just amazing!! i do like nikki too.. love when she sang EMOTION (Mariah Carey) for the selingan during malaysian idol grand finale.. daa!!


Because World Idol 2 is, hopefully, just around the corner, I’ve decided to write about one of the winners who will be competing. That person is the first Malaysian Idol, Jacklyn Victor, better known simply as Jac, who has been crowned only two weeks ago. I had been following this Idol show since they were seven. All the videos are available at if you sign up.I have to be honest with all of you - as ignorant as it might sound, I was really skeptical about a world class singer coming out of this competition. Really, I didn’t think any great singer would be found like the ones we hear in America. Boy! Was I wrong! I found two of the greatest singers in any Idol shows around the world in Malaysian Idol. One of those was Jacklyn Victor. There is no doubt in my mind she will blow all of you away so that is why I’ve decided to recap her journey on this show.Jac performed live for the first time in group three of the top 33.

Her performance of Superwoman was received very well by the Malaysians as she got the highest number of votes that evening being the seventh person to make it into the final twelve. In the finals, also called “The Spectaculars," like in Canadian Idol and American Idol, the contestants had to pick songs according to the different themes. Because of the fact that they could sing in two different languages, there was a big variety of songs sung. There were also three judges, two men and one woman.

In the first spectacular, the theme was “Song from your Pop Idol." Jac chose a song from her own language, Keliru. This was probably my favorite performance of hers in the foreign language. Even though I did not understand the words, I was really moved by it. The crowd went nuts and she was obviously safe that week while Sufiah, the judges’ wildcard pick, and Fazly were sent home.

The second theme was “Song from your Classic Idol." Jac’s pick was When I Fall In Love, also sung by Jasmine Trias, whom you cannot compare to her at all. Jac’s rendition was so much superior. She finished her performance with a bubbly “Hi mom!" The advantage of downloading the videos is that you get to see everyone’s personality and Jac’s might be even bigger than Fantasia’s. The judges did not only tell her she was a super, good, excellent singer after this performance, but also that she was sweet and precious. The mean judge told her “I was ready to tell you something bad, but I just can’t. That was easily the best performance ever on Malaysian Idol and it set a new standard for everyone else.

After another double elimination, Jac was back next week with an uplifting performance of her “Song from the 80’s,” Chaka Khan’s I Feel For You. That same week, the favorite to win started to have competition as Nikki stepped up with her Mariah Carey version of Against All Odds, Victor took a risk with Billie Jean and Dina finally started to shine.But Jac was not threatened one bit by her new competition.

She was actually the only one who did brilliantly in the “Rock Show” with her rendition of Sweet Child O’ Mine. The judges thanked her for saving the night and even though the female judge thought she rocked, the two men agreed she could have done a lot better because she is “a fantastic singer."Down to only six contestants, Jac along with her fellow idols, Nikki, Dina, Victor, Andrew and Saiful, had to bring it on.

R&B night was one of the greatest. Jac performed an effortless Lady Marmelade. A little too effortless perhaps because one judge said she was “not an Idol” and that he was getting bored with her performances. That same judge then told Dina that her (in my opinion) ordinary interpretation of Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style was on par with Fantasia’s performances. On the results show, Jac found herself in the bottom two for the first time with Nikki, whom had done the best version of Emotion I’ve ever heard the previous night. Everyone was shocked about Nikki’s elimination.

After two other great weeks of performances and another uncalled for trip in the bottom two, Jac had made the final three. From that moment on, everyone knew she was definitely going to be crowned the winner of Malaysian Idol even though Vic and Dina both had their fair amount of fans. Her chances only improved after giving a flawless performance of Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You. The following week, Jacklyn Victor was officially crowned the very first Malaysian Idol, giving Dina Nadzir the second place.

I really suggest you download every performance of Jac you find. She is an amazing singer and was meant to be an entertainer. I can’t wait to see how she will do in the World Idol competition. In my opinion, she could be Kalan Porter’s biggest threat. In the meantime, you can also download her first single, Gemilang, which you can find on the same site I mentioned earlier, Her CD is coming out in December. If you have any comments on Jacklyn or any other Malaysian Idol you listened to, please email me. I would really like to
know your opinion.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

got my n-gage back!!

hehehe.. i have fixed the n-gage which was broken last week.. had to spend rm120!! they reprogramme the software within because it was collapsed.. i dunno bcuz of what? mayb... virus, or untrusted softwares that i installed.. so, i have to reinstall and put all the utilities, images, true tones, videos, back.. this time, more carefully.. dont want to spend 120 bucks again..

i missed my sahur today.. hehehe.. but it is no big deal act.. im ok.. it is always wet here, raining every single day.. it is better rather than hot every day.. i can't stand that especially in this ramadhan month.. arrgghh.. im gonna fade off!!

know what, i havent seen any shop selling hari raya cards.. it's kinda freaky huh?! so, sorry friends.. i think no cards for this raya.. hehe.. ala.. korang pun tak bagi kat aku pun..