Sunday, October 31, 2004

buka posa..

what do u call buka posa in english actually? fast open? fast break? wuteva.. 'buka posa' is the best word huh!... well, we (my family and i) buka posa at de palma hotel this evening.. i think better than restoran seri melayu that we went be4.. more variety.. didnt eat much, feeling tired lar.. went to sungei wang be4 that to buy pair of shoes for hari raya. not for hari raya actually, my previous shoe is quite old enough!! it is dark green in color, casual + sport.. costs about 150.. bought some ps2 dvd games cuz the rest i have are already out-dated.. heh!

silmi.. thanx for dropping by my blogger.. he complained bout this greeny color.. hehehe.. it is not too bad right..! i do like green.. with white combination.. dunno how i love the color..


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