Monday, April 04, 2005

siti performed at royal albert hall, london..

i bet it was success.. media reported that she amazed and wooed the crowd that night. (1 april).. i really proud having her in our country.. she promotes our culture to the west.. really nice.. here is some pics taken from another websites.. also an article written about how succesful the concert was..

i like this photo.. how beautiful she is..

Siti Nurhaliza takes Royal Albert Hall by storm
Zaharah Othman in London

LONDON, Apr 2:

MALAYSIAN singing sensation Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin took the Royal Albert Hall by storm on Friday night after a two-hour performance, earning her an invitation back to perform at the prestigious venue by its Chief Executive Officer, David Elliott.
She is also to represent Malaysia at a UN event.

Ten years to the day when the girl from Kuala Lipis broke into the Malaysian world of music and 134 years and two days after the completion of the Hall, Siti Nurhaliza realised her dreams, joining an illustrious list of world renowned vocalists who had performed there, bringing with her traditional Malay music and dance.

"It was a strong performance and this hall has known many renowned and famous singers and tonight there is one more. I hope she will come back and perform here," said Elliott.

A jubilant and radiant Siti Nurhaliza, who sang 30 songs from all her albums as well as one English song, Get Here, accompanied by her multinational musicians as well as the London Symphony Orchestra, said at a Press conference after the show that she was delighted with the response that she received from the crowd as well as the recognition by the Royal Albert.

"I have given my best and my dream has been realised and after 10 years I have now reached the international stage here."

The audience just can't get enough of Siti Nurhaliza

To questions about being compared to singer Celine Dion by the British media, Siti Nurhaliza said that the singer is indeed her idol and would like to sing with her some day.

"But tonight, I am a different Siti. I know it's not easy to maintain the standards but I am confident that I can. I was comfortable with the stage performance although at first I felt a bit nervous.

"But after the thunderous reception from the crowd, I really enjoyed myself."

Siti Nurhaliza looking resplendent

In the audience was the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah, and his wife, Sultanah Kalthom, as well as the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Rosmah Mansor.

Fans came from all over the UK, many by coaches and train from as far as Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester as well as Holland.

On arrival, Sultan Ahmad said: "She is my superstar. She looks after herself well. Malaysia should be proud of her."

Rosmah, who said she was representing her husband, voiced her support for the singer who hailed from Pahang.

Also there to lend their support were Siti's parents, Taruddin Ismail and Siti Salmah Bachik, as well as her younger sister, Siti Saerah.

Several times, she referred to her parents in the audience and dedicated the song Cindai to them.

Dave Sildown and Malc Noyes drove down from Norfolk when they heard of her performance.

"We heard her during our visits to Malaysia. We have her CDs and when we heard that she is to perform at the Royal Albert, we decided to come here. She has an amazing voice and a wonderful personality," said Sildown.

Earlier, Fazley Yaakob, vice- president of Putra World Trade Centre, which helped organise the concert with Royal Albert, said that the success of the concert was just a start for the company.

He said, there was encouraging feedback from recording companies and the British media.

Siti Nurhaliza is due to give more interviews with the BBC before flying home tomorrow.

abp 2004

yesterday's result was satisfied enough i guess.. ct grabs back the title.. bintang paling popular!! congratez to her fans.. they voted for her.. but, she really deserves the trophy.. she won the title for five years in a row, rosyam and saiful apek defeated her in next 2 years. and hey.. she got back the title.. what made me smile more actually is.. again she got the penyanyi wanita popular eight times in a row.. what an achievement.. jac also won last night for artis baru wanita popular.. but, she lost to vince for artis bukan melayu popular.. does this kind of category is really needed? i dont think so.. jac performed gemilang together with hazami.. she outsang hazami, a vocal teacher.. she was da bomb last night! spectacular!! again, i was amazed by her high-key-level note.. simply magical!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

anugerah industri muzik 2005

calon penuh untuk aim 2005 dah pun dikeluarkan.. tahun ni aim akan dilangsungkan pada 30 april 2005.. dihoskan oleh bob lokman dan afdlin shauki (harap2 tak hambar dan bosan!!).. seperti biasa, buat kat PWTC.. so, sape yang korang rasa akan menang mengikut kategori..

artis baru terbaik:
The Times

aku rasa, vince akan dapat.. apsal waheeda dikatakan artis baru? bukan dah lama ker? lagi satu, mana jac? katanya buat album gemilang cepat2 sebab nak dapat masuk aim.. ke, memang tak dapat tercalon? pelik nih... maybe memang dia releas lepas due date kot..

artis harapan:

semuanya budak af? nice.. ntah apa2 ar calon.. nana pun leh dapat? lagi satu aku pelik, katanya untuk anugerah ni, mana2 artis yang pernah rakam album tapi tak perlu album penuh yang dicalonkan. abis tu, mana budak malaysian idol? diorang kan pernah rakam album ramai2? at least pun, nikki (lara) ker.. dina (bunga2 cinta), jac pun ada dalam album tu, nyanyi lagu getran rinduku.. aku ada baca, pihak akademi bagi reason yang jac dah pernah rakam album penuh dulu which is album dreams.. camner leh kalah ngan NANA tu.. pelik tol aku!!

persembahan vokal terbaik dalam album (lelaki):
ezad exists (paragon)
saleem iklim (bunga emas)
tam spider (nazraku)
vince (vince)
zainal abidin (puteri)

pilihan aku ialah zainal abidin.. album kompilasi (saleem) tu leh kira ker? lagu lama lak tu..

persembahan vokal terbaik dalam album (wanita):
juwita suwito (brand new world)
misha omar (aksara)
ning baizura (erti pertemuan)
siti nurhaliza (prasasti seni)
siti nurhaliza (siti nurhaliza live in concert 2004)

aku rasa ct akan pertahankan lagi trofi dia untuk album prasasti seni.. memang superb.. pilihan kedua aku ialah juwita suwito.. apsal album live in concert leh dapat? patut buat kategori lain.. sekali lagi, jac takder..

persembahan vokal terbaik kumpulan:
gerhana ska cinta (the new authentic)
rabbani (yalla beena)
raihan (allahu)
ruffedge (defined)
teh tarik crew (what's next?)

i have no idea.. rasanya, raihan kot.. harmonize diorang power ar..

kulit album terbaik:
d-va (d-va)
new boyz (bermulanya satu evolusi)
erti pertemuan (ning baizura)
prasasti seni (siti nurhaliza)
sawo matang (noraniza idris)

ni pun konpius sket.. antara ning, ct ngan kak ani. rasanya, ning ar..

rakaman album terbaik:
nazraku (spider)
bunga emas (iklim)
puteri (zainal abidin)
aksara (misha omar)
brand new world (juwita suwito)

aku pilih juwita suwito..

video muzik terbaik:
scarecrow (disagree)
suicide note (disagree)
seksis (anita sarawak)
awan yang terpilu (ning baizura)
senang tari (ning baizura)

aktif tol ning ni buat vclip semenjak taja nih. aku rasa awan terpilu.. disagree tu aku tak pernah tgk.. rasa bagus gak kot..

album pop etnik:
balaghah (syura)
binafsha (waheeda)
kekasih kerinduan (nas adila)
sawo' matang (noraniza idris)
taat (rohana jalil)

pilihan aku.. kak ani

album nasyid terbaik:
allahu (raihan)
damai (hijjaz)
in team '04 (in team)
mirwana (mirwana)
yalla beena (rabbani)

pilihan aku dari dulu.. raihan!

album pop rock terbaik:
nazraku (spider)
paragon (exists)
puteri (zainal abidin)
raw (def gab c)
un metal volume 2 (xpdc)

tak beli pun mana2 album, so tak tau sangat.. aku pilih zainal abidin..

album hard rock terbaik:
dendam (amuk)
n.t virus (kristal)
otai jamm (may)
perhentian objektif (viper)
real x (real x)

real x? sape ntah.. aku pilih amuk..

album pop terbaik:
aksara (misha omar)
defined (ruffedge)
erti pertemuan (ning baizura)
prasasti seni (siti nurhaliza)
vince (vince)

ni yang susah sket nih.. aku bangkang tol misha dapat.. punyalah bosan album dia.. muzik tipikal!! aku tak tahu nak pilih saper sebenarnya.. erm.. ning..

artis inggeris tempatan baru terbaik:
altered frequency
gerard singh
juwita suwito
shelly leong

aku pilih juwita suwito atau disagree..

album inggeris tempatan terbaik:
a slice of the pie (gerard singh)
at the end of the day (disagree)
brand new world (juwita suwito)
drones (seven collar t-shirt)
the new authentic (gerhana ska cinta)

kali ni pilihan aku ialah disagre..

album indonesia terbaik:
30 hari mencari cinta (sheila on 7)
cahaya (kris dayanti)
eiffel im in love (melly)
hanya memuji (marcell)
pria terhebat (sheila on 7)

apsal lar indon sesibuk kat sini.. aku rasa melly dapat..

susunan lagu terbaik dalam album:
seindah biasa (siti nurhaliza)
seksis (anita sarawak)
bagaikan sakti (siti nurhaliza & m nasir)
dialah di hati (siti nurhaliza)
sakit yang sakit (zainal abidin)

erm... siti ada 3!! cam usher lak.. aku pilih dialah di hati..

lagu terbaik:
dialah di hati (siti nurhaliza)
erti pertemuan (ning baizura)
pulangkan (misha omar)
awan yang terpilu (ning baizura)
relaku pujuk (spider)

ni lagi pening.. ning dapat dua!! mantap tol.. aku rasa awan yang terpilu menang..

untuk album terbaik, pemenang bagi setiap kategori album akan tercalon untuk anugerah album terbaik.. mana dayang? lepas kes mahkamah nih, terus dibanned dari tercalon ker? lagi satu, diorang patut buat kategori lagu ar.. cam, persembahan vokal dalam lagu untuk wanita, lelaki, kumpulan.. aku rasa, ning akan menang besar malam tu.. korang rasa camner..?

Monday, March 28, 2005

my sis is on paper!!

have you read today's paper? hehe.. my elder sister is on the front page of entertainement side.. she is an actress actually.. she's promoting her latest drama, MENITI BARA which is based on BARA film directed by yusof haslam.. she is the main cast, in the drama.. i hope she will be the best actress soon.. here is the article about the drama...

MENITI BARA - Platform Atie, Eira cipta nama

Atie & Eira.

DALAM melayari kerjaya seni ada masanya apa yang dihajati tidak kesampaian. Bagaimanapun jika peluang sudah terbentang di depan mata, maka artis perlu bijak menggunakan ruang tersebut untuk mencipta nama. Justeru itulah Suriati Abu Bakar atau Atie bersama Eira Syazira Shuhaimi tidak menolak tawaran berlakon drama bersiri Meniti Bara terbitan Skop Production Sdn. Bhd., kerana yakin drama itu mampu menaikkan nama mereka dalam bidang seni berdasarkan trek rekod syarikat tersebut.

Buktinya drama bersiri Gerak Khas dan Sembilu yang ditayangkan sekarang ini di TV1 dan TV2 mendapat sambutan hangat.

Kata Eira, kalau dia menolak tawaran berlakon drama Meniti Bara ia satu kerugian besar dalam kerjaya seninya.

``Ramai yang menunggu peluang untuk berlakon filem atau drama terbitan Skop. Saya yang sudah dapat peluang ini mana mungkin menolak kerana ia merupakan satu bonus untuk kerjaya,'' katanya yang sebelum ini pernah diundang berlakon drama Gerak Khas untuk episod Amira.

Selain itu, Eira yang memegang watak Ifa, menerima tawaran tersebut kerana ingin membuktikan kepada orang sekeliling bahawa dia mampu menjadi pelakon disegani.

Dia yang mula aktif dalam bidang seni lakon sejak tiga tahun lalu berharap watak Ifa mampu membuka ruang yang lebih luas padanya dalam bidang lakonan.

Watak tersebut dalam filem Bara sebelum ini dilakonkan oleh Nasha Aziz. Selain Nasha, turut berlakon dalam filem tersebut ialah Awie, Zamani dan Ning Baizura.

Dalam drama 26 episod yang bakal ditayangkan tidak lama lagi di RTM, watak Ifa digambarkan sebelum dia berhijrah ke Kuala Lumpur.

Kata Eira, untuk menjiwai watak Ifa, dia kerap menonton filem Bara sebagai rujukan. Lagipun Nasha adalah artis pujaannya.

Jika Nasha berpasangan dengan Awie, Eira pula digandingkan dengan Azri Iskandar.

``Saya telah cuba memberikan lakonan terbaik. Saya harap tidak ada penonton yang akan membandingkan lakonan saya dengan Nasha. Antara kami berbeza. Nasha muncul dalam filem dan saya dalam TV,'' katanya yang berterima kasih kepada Datuk Yusof Haslam kerana memberi peluang kepadanya.

Drama bersiri arahan Yusuf Kelana itu mula menjalani penggambaran sejak akhir Januari lalu.

Sementara Atie yang memegang watak Azwa, rakan baik Ifa tidak kisah ditawar berlakon selepas watak tersebut ditolak oleh pelakon lain.

Atie yang mula menyertai bidang seni menerusi rancangan realiti TV Akademi Fantasia , tetap gembira melakonkan watak tersebut.

Kata Atie, Meniti Bara adalah drama pertama lakonannya dengan Skop. Dalam drama tersebut dia merupakan anak Tok Penghulu dan menjadi posmen kepada Ifa.

``Meskipun watak Atie sebagai pembantu tapi Atie tetap gembira kerana kemunculan dalam drama bersiri adalah satu platform untuk Atie mencipta nama,'' katanya yang kini menumpukan perhatian pada lakonan.

Jelas Atie, buat masa sekarang tumpuannya lebih kepada lakonan berbanding nyanyian. Namun jika ada undangan menyanyi dia tidak akan menolak.

Katanya, dia sedar akan kekurangannya dalam bidang seni suara. Justeru itulah dia bercadang untuk mengikuti kelas vokal bagi memantapkan lagi kedudukannya sebagai penyanyi.

``Sekarang ini hanya sesetengah lagu sahaja yang Atie mampu menyanyi. Atie perlu lakukan sesuatu untuk kebaikan dalam bidang seni,''katanya terus terang.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

im on holiday!!

guys, im on holiday.. hahah!! last semester was really tiring and full of activities.. im going to sleep.. sleep.. and.. sleep..!! ahahha... the final exam was ok! perhaps i can get high marks to cover back my low carry marks.. mid semester wxam was really2 bad..

we went to klcc this evening.. took our lunch.. and also fpr breakfast and dinner.. i didnt get anything for my dinner yet actually.. im gonna eat PAMA instant noodle right in a minute.. er.,. what else? nothng much to say though.. bye!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Dean's Cup

last month, we organized a bating championship.. Dean's Cup Debating Championship.. i ws the committee and the participant as well.. hmm.. it was tiring and exhausting.. but, not really ar.. joyful and.. nice?! as the pc committee, i think the competition flew smoothly though i did not really get involved with the pc committees.. i tried to help pub&pro committees by doing the adobe and pasting jobs. but there was misunderstood. somebody thought i was trying to take his/her job.. very sad u know! but, it seemed to be so.. i dont know! let them with their assumption.. well, i would like to thank zaki, haneen for helping me a bit.. i bet we did a great job! the hall was really crowded with students though the final debate was not very good actually.. sorry to say guys!

my teammates are farhaneen, azrul, and farhanah.. good try for azrul to be a good speaker.. you need more training to be uplifted. farhaneen.. i dont know.. you didnt seem to be yourself.. you didnt put all out.. farhanah, good attempt to be a good reserver. at least you learned something.. debate is an art with its own uniqueness.. me myself? lack of knowledge, dont feel good and overconfident. it could kill you! just be humble and professional.. we lost at the semifinal to ricca's team.. i really wanted to be on the final stage.. but we couldnt make it.. we dont have much power and strong chemistry among us. i felt uncomfortable being in the group.. egonyer pasal.. perasan diri baguslah tu kiranya!! arrrgghh!!!

to iera, faruqi and medec! im sorry for trouble ive made.. on behalf of kdbm also! but, open-minded please! let bygone be bygone.. dont drag them to our relationship outside the tournament.. we are debaters!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

sana'y wala nang wakas.. it's over!!

finally, my favourite phillipines soap opera, sana'y wala nang wakas has camte to an end.. it's been a long time.. the ending was ara and christian, who got married.. the problem is, the end didnt end up perfectly like what i had expected... arrrgghh!!! everything was like jumble up and in rushing of something!! idont know why.. plus, i bet astro had cut several scenes... something was not answered.. who is ara's real father? why francine was at the wedding ceremony in fact she really loves christian? how dvv died? because of what? arrggghhh!!! i watched ara-leo ending from a forum site.. it is better.. the wedding ceremony is more grand than christian's.. ara looks more beautiful.. it is more romantic and passionate!! but i thought christian would end up with mary ann.. but he didnt.. ara just said good bye to christian... i love to see these scenes...

Monday, January 31, 2005

dengue fever!!!

it was my bad moment.. i got very high-temperature fever.. 39.8C???? very damn hot!!! i was charged into a ward for a week!!!! it was really bored staying there... my blood count kept getting down and down.. i was quite worried.. luckily, i was getting better.. i was discharged on last sunday.. very happy, though! but, staying there for a week, like hell! and now, my dad and elder sis is there!!! they got high fever too.. i dont know how much they will spend as mine was rm5000++... gilo apo!!! be4 that, my younger sister... hoping it will be over soon!! actually, i realised this on last raya morning.. i didnt take my shower on that time and not even getting in my baju melayu, and didnt go to mosque, though! and now, i got mc from the doctor until this wednesday.. im going to have an appoinment with the doctor, to make sure that my blood count is still ok...